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So who is this Silver guy walking in that pink shirt...

Hi, I’m Silver Haugas. I was born in Pärnu, Estonia, in 1989. I could say I’m pretty adventurous guy who enjoys spontaneous decisions and active lifestyle.

I grew up with my two sisters, brother, parents and I've been blessed to meet all my grandparents.

I was born into family full of music. So music has been one of my passions ever since.

When I turned 21, I started making living as a professional musician. For a decade my only income I had was from music.

I have been quite lucky in this field and worked with many biggest local artists. But I’ve always wanted to have that comfort life with financial security and freedom to travel, in other words - to be the boss of my own time. It might sound that I already had that amazing life thanks to my success in local music industry…but no!

The income I had wasn’t enough to provide me the lifestyle I desired. Also it was quite impossible to get a loan from the bank that I needed, when I wanted to buy my own home.

There was always little worry about the future of my finance, as I couldn’t be 100% sure if I had enough concerts monthly to pay all the bills. Because as a musician you depend on others and every month you have different amount of gigs, which also means, you change your time for money - no gigs, no income. This dragged my self-confidence down. 

But I know this isn’t the story you are looking to hear…so how did a musician like me end up with online business. 

When I was 27, I saw a online advertise about selling in Amazon. It got my interest, as one thing that I’ve always loved is surfing around internet, comparing different products and checking their price difference on various sites.

So I payed for the course. In the beginning everything seemed smooth, but at some point it didn’t feel right anymore. Something just felt little ‘’fishy’’. I had many questions and when I sent my messages to the contact email of that community, I got no response. I decided to cancel it.

I was very dissapointed and little angry, because I got scammed. Though it didn’t take away my interest for online business. But at this point I left this idea alone and continued rocking on stages as a musician.

When I got 30, I knew that in order to have fulfilled life with financial and locational freedom I needed something aside my musical career.

What made me really think was, when my friend asked me what would I do if all my gigs were cancelled. That really got in my head and made me understand that I needed to figure something out and fast, but 9-5 job wasn’t option.

When I got 31, the corona crisis hit and with that my fear came alive. I didn’t have any concerts, which means I had no income. 

But I didn’t lose hope… I tried to generate ideas what to do. I knew I needed something ASAP and even when the gigs would come back I still needed that extra income to have the life I desired. Still 9-5 job wasn’t any option in my book. 

So I’m sure you are little curious what happend next…

Scrolling in youtube I saw adverstise about making money online. Even though in past I had had one negative experience with online business, I decided to take a look at this offer.  

This advertise introduced me to SFM. There was free workshop series hosted by Stuart Ross, my mentor and the Co-Founder of SFM. When Stuart started talking about the online business opportunities in the first workshop, I instantly felt good energy, positive vibe, honesty, great passion and what’s more important, it was sincere. 

Immediately I knew that Stuart was my person and he was someone to look up to and learn from. On that day I made decision to commit myself to SFM and trust the journey. Thanks to my commitment and this amazing community and mentorship I have managed to launch my very first online business. Since then I have been a member of SFM.

Let me tell you one awesome thing...aside my online business I've also been able to improve my musical career by using all these skills that I've learned in SFM. As being said you can use these marketing skills in every area.

And aside music my second biggest passion is to help others to achieve the life they desire, to get out of this everyday rat-race and enjoy life to the fullest.

That being said, I'd like you to answer these questions...

Do you want to make a change in your life? Are you are tired of not having the life you desire? Do you want to have more freedom, to be location independent, to live with passion?

If so, then all you need to do is to take action, it's simple as that. Every new journey starts with that one step. Give yourself at least a change to discover the possibilities - you deserve it!

And I'm happy to help you on this journey.